I'm Geoffrey Marsi, a programmer, interactive designer, and artist. I specialize in games, but I've also worked on commercial applications, in the web, and on printed media. Some examples of my work can be seen below.

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The Elder Scrolls Online
The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG developed by Zenimax Online Studios, where I worked as a gameplay engineer. My contributions to the project include writing and extending major game systems including crafting, quests, itemization, and NPC interaction, as well as working on the game's UI. I coded primarily in C++ and Lua, and worked with designers and others to ensure that features were complete, performant, and fun.

World of Darkness
World of Darkness was a vampire MMORPG made by CCP Games North America. I was there only briefly, working as a technical game designer before the game's cancellation in 2014. My design roles included prototyping and planning out game systems, including the core ability system that would be used by the various characters, and then implementing some of those systems in the game's Python-based scripting engine.

Website Pipeline
Website Pipeline is a company that provides front-office and e-commerce software services to manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors, allowing those businesses to sell their products online. I was a developer and support engineer there, upgrading and maintaining individual client sites. This involved front-end work in HTML/CSS and Javascript, and backend work in VBScript and TSQL.

CreateSpace is an Amazon subsidiary that allows individual authors and small publications to print their books and other literature on demand. While I was interning there, I improved the error-reporting process of the company's Java-backed book printing and binding machinery, making it a configurable and automated system that could generate logs, send emails, or create trouble tickets based on the severity of the error.